Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Victory is Mine! Uh... Sort Of!

Ok, so it was noted that I left off two very important pictures in my last post.   Not because I'm embarrassed but because I didn't have them yet.  I'll let my geocaching log explain:

I'm SO PROUD OF MYSELF! Attending Geobash when my sister, WikidKriket, and I decided we needed to cache in a thunderstorm. We reached this hill and I knew I had to climb it, water sloughing off the side. I kicked off my flip flops, dug my feet in with each step, and hauled my robust rump up the side of that hill! Victory! Found the cache!

Then I remembered that I'm afraid of heights (and that was a pretty sheer drop on all 3 sides of that ridge). So, less gracefully than before, I descended, barefooted, backwards, until I reached the bottom. Did I mention that my supportive sister was giggling and snapping pictures the whole time?!?

Don't you just LOVE family????

Happy Wednesday!


  1. You would have been disappointed if I were not there taking pictures! I was doing my sisterly duty!

  2. Sisters are like that.... brothers can be worse!

  3. I'm totally with Lorna! Although I would have been guffawing rather than giggling!


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