Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Little Applique... Some Cars... and a Giraffe

My dear friend, Lauri, has reminded me it’s been a week since I posted.  I was waiting until I had some completed blocks to show you (I have 5 in their final stages), but I guess she misses me.
My five blocks are part of the Something Kind of Wonderful International stitching group.  It’s a large quilt using needle-turn applique and embroidery.  Have I mentioned I didn’t know how to applique?  Nothing like diving in with both feet!  I’m terribly behind because summer (and all its distractions) is in full swing!
I’m using the freezer-paper beneath/Roxanne glue method so I can focus on my stitches rather than holding the pieces in place.  I’ve tried the glue stick method – I guess I’m too heavy-handed as I keep shredding the fabric.  I’ve used small applique pins -  jammed one right under my thumb nail.  I’ve tried basting the pieces to the fabric – it was so time consuming and those little pieces are a bear. 
There are several things I’ve learned from the freezer paper/Roxanne method:
·        Buy freezer paper in bulk – you go through more than you expect.
·        I mark the applique shape to the shiny part of the freezer paper and then fuse several pieces together.  This guarantees a mirror image when you adhere the freezer paper to the wrong side of the fabric.
·        Make sure everything is cool before you start cutting/shifting.
·        SKIMP on the glue!  It’s amazing how little it takes to hold everything in place.
·        Watch the YouTube video on cleaning the glue applicator if you ever intend to use that bottle again.    
Speaking of summer distractions, my brother, David, was in town for another brother’s 50th Birthday party (Happy Birthday, Jeff!).  David had never been to the Woodward Dream Cruise (he moved just before the first one. 

I took this picture while sipping free Fay-go (yum!).

Another of my Dad with the Fay-go truck (with my sister photo-bombing him!)

We also went to the Detroit Zoo the next day.  As usual, we found all sorts of trouble to get into!

But that's OK.  The giraffes still loved us!

Hope to have some pictures of my blocks soon!


  1. OOPS! First picture should've been credited to my sister! Great shot of David!

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother! Hey, I didn't see the Faygo truck, darn - where were you? We stayed mostly around Duggan's and Kroger's at 13 Mile.

  3. glad to hear of some stitching progress............


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