Saturday, August 25, 2012

Inside | Out Art and Cracking the Whip

It's that time of year again!

The Detroit Institute of Arts has taken up residence in our local communities! Thirteen towns in Southeast Michigan are hosting the DIA's Inside | Out Exhibit. Approximately a half dozen reproduced Masterpieces dot each town - hung outside coffee shops, libraries, boutiques. It's a fabulous way to introduce everyone to the original gems housed downtown and gives us an excuse to explore small towns.

So far this season, Lorna and I have explored Canton, Northville, Ferndale, and Troy.

We've discovered that Canton has some wonderful outdoor art made by local artists (loved the glass and iron sculpture outside the library).

Downtown Northville has great Angus burgers at a bar with outdoor seating.

Ferndale's works are TOO close to a great new taqueria called The Imperial.

Troy's art is located in it's historic village (of which, neither of us knew existed!).

I believe we may be visiting Waterford and Clawson next. Alongside the art, the Michigan Geocaching Organization has hid a corresponding Geocache at each location. We love a good puzzle!

Never fear, though. Ginger has been hovering on my armrest all night making sure I meet my appliqué goals for my SKoW. Who knew that I'd grow to actually enjoy the "A" word! I'm also pleased that I've learned not to stress over the "perfect block" and am having fun! I'll share some pics once the embroidery is complete.

Hope you have an outstanding weekend!




  1. I never knew Troy had an historic village, sheesh - I need you to educate me on our state, lol! Glad you're enjoying your summer, girl!

  2. I want to go to Ferndale and have a blue burger with you. YUM! The one in the picture is way overcooked, but the thought makes me hungry!


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