Monday, July 2, 2012

Quilting in Summer

Can You Believe It? Ugh!

This weekend the weather almost topped to 100 degrees, and I'm machine quilting a full-size quilt with Dream Puff batting & denim borders?!?

Let's just say I'm not feeling my gloriously fresh self. How did I fix it? Fan on the floor under the quilt. Hey, it works! Ever wonder how our founding quilt sisters survived the heat? With those long dresses?

I'm working on it for the same reason I haven't posted lately. Deadlines.

But I'll be back tomorrow night with some pictures, though.


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  1. Oh! Funny-- you are channeling Marilyn--that'll blow your dress up. I couldn't live without fans. We also had temps in the 100s this weekend. There is no air conditioning in this old house.


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