Monday, July 2, 2012

And Who is Watching You?

I'm just a few days shy of showing you a finish.  I have to wait until the recipient sees it, but, I'm SO geeked! It took me awhile to get it started because, given the fabrics (old clothes) to work with, I had absolutely NO idea what to do with it.  As with words, I'm rarely at a loss for ideas... LOL!  I can't wait for you to see it!  I normally would never combine those colors, etc, it it's SO darling!

This is the first time in over 10 years I've had the summer "off" (I still have a full-time job but I'm postponing an additional part-time job until this Fall).  Is this what it's like to have time for myself?  I've been attending picnics & BBQ's, walking through the park, meandering around the zoo, gearing up for the summer Zoo concert series. In a few weeks, my family is heading to Ohio for a geocaching adventure (classes, vendor booths, poker runs, mazes, giveaways, tinfoil hats).  I'll be sure to share the pictures.

One thing I'm surprised about is all the beautiful animals loose around Michigan.  My nephew, Jonathan, laughs.  "They've been here all along, Aunt Elisa!"  I guess I'd been too busy to notice.  So, since I can't show you quilt pictures, would you like to see whose been watching me on my mini-adventures?

Luc - Erie Metro Park

I looked up from a geocache and this is what I saw.... 

... and then turned around to see this beauty!

Just hanging out.

Michigan is SO blue!  So refreshing in this awful heat!

I mis-heard the news.  They meant there was a rabbit
population explosion - NOT exploding rabbits!

Family of swans in the Vernal pond.  Papa ducked this photo!

I could flood this blog with beautiful flowers.

Sitting on a bench at the zoo.  Looked up & over my shoulder
and this is what I saw!
I also have oodles of new zoo pictures, but I'll save them for another day.

Take care!


  1. LOL - now I'm going to be thinking about exploding bunnies!

  2. Nature is amazing if we only take time to notice! :0)

  3. The photos are lovely - we are shivering down south here so nice to see some sun in your pics!


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