Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Memory Project - Finish 3

Sorry I'm running late! Was out with friends and had SUCH a good time!

Here is my most recent finish: a memory quilt for a friend's father.

You have to appreciate that I stared at the piles of clothes for weeks because I had no idea how to put it together and make it work.  The colors were daunting - I still have a bag of black left over. It's made out of polyester tops, polar fleeces, night gowns, sweaters, robes, and blue jeans. All different weights and textures. It's also so puffy - I used Quilter's Dream Poly.  I'm quite proud of the sashing (made out of a fleecy robe) and denim border (it's all flat!).

Thank you to my sister Lorna for holding up the quilts. This is my favorite pic - it's a weird game of hide & seek with her dog!

Hope you enjoyed the reveal!



  1. Girl - you are AMAZING. That is a wonderful quilt! The pattern is just perfect!

  2. As usual, great job, Elisa!! It is very pretty!! ~ nait

  3. A wonderful gift. You did great.


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