Friday, April 1, 2011

Sometimes It's the Little Things...

... Sometimes it's the little things that get you through your day, week, life... Things have been a little tough here in Michigan. A dear family member (my best friend) is recovering from surgery. All employment is uncertain. Had to take my car for new wiper arms, new starter, new tires.

A good friend said, "January is the 'Monday' of the year." If that's so, we're still stuck around "Tuesday"!

There are two awesome pieces of advice my family has taught me over the years (I cherish them even if I forget to practice them):

1. Do not stress over something that "might happen" because, if the worse actually happens, do you really want to "experience" it twice?

2. Even on toughest days, wake up each morning and think of one bright spot, no matter how insignificant, to get you through the day.

Here are some of my bright spots and life's little pleasures that have made me smile lately:

+ Watching my nephew chase ducks & geese on Belle Isle
+ Cherry Crush soda
+ Finishing my March blocks-of-the-month with 2 days to spare
+ Mulberry & Mandarin soy candles from Swan Creek Candle Co
+ Finding last year's Moda Fruitcake fabric on sale for 40% off
+ Making my Dad laugh until it hurts
+ Getting an advance copy of Frank Tallis's latest book only available in England.
+ Oscar & Ginger snuggling in my Friendship Star quilt
+ Hershey chocolate Kisses in Easter foil
+ My free Cardstar app for my iPhone

So... What makes you smile lately?

Happy Spring!

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