Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Different Perspective

Spent the day at the Detroit Zoological Gardens - I only live a half mile or so from there.

Amazing place I have to share!  The animals are amazing (more later) but have you stopped a moment to appreciate the art?  

Does he look familiar?

Peacock Blue!

Blue Peacock!

Creamy blocks!

Vibrant Greens!

Add some bronze!

And browns and blues....

A dab of Easter yellow too!

Here's my pinks!

And Moda white!

A touch of blackish-brown for accent!

Applique some vines....

And embroider some accents!

Colors! Patterns! Textures!

With inspiration like this... who could blame for for coming right home and quilting!

Happy Easter!


  1. Though Ginger & Oscar are representative of my most favourite animal ever, I do love them all & love to see a well run zoo, filled with happy, thriving animals. This one looks great. Thanks for the pics & can't wait to see some animal ones. Tracee xx

  2. The only better time to be at the zoo than spring, is fall. Glad to see you had a good time, and I would rather have been with you than where I was!


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