Saturday, April 9, 2011

Only Rich in Fabric and Friends

Well, let's see.... payday was yesterday.  Winter bills came due, car broke down needing emergency repairs, the last of the funds went for groceries but the refrigerator is not keeping its temperature.  Almost all my family is out of town on glorious road trips, and I can't afford a day trip with the price of gas in Michigan.

What to do?  Go into the quilt room and play among my treasures, my dears!  I may not be the richest person but I'm rich in fabric.  I think that's why we keep stashes... it's a safeguard for leaner times.

This picture makes me smile... some of my "riches".  These are charm packs and most of them were "treats" from friends in New England.  Again, I may not be the richest person.... but I'm rich in friends.  And that's another blessing.  

Ok, I'm feeling better already.  Now.... to get up the nerve to actually cut into these?!?!

Happy Spring (and count your blessings),

p.s. In the "why didn't I think of that" category: another blogger pointed out she never buys charm packs - only layer cakes.  Why?  Because if she needs charms, she can get 4 "charm packs" from 1 layer cake.  Well, huh!

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