Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gadget Time - Sticky Situations

This blog is called "Bits from the Scrap Basket" because I envision it as a place to compile block patterns, useful tips, great tools, shop reviews, quilt humor, tricks of the trade, etc. All those little "bits 'n pieces" that might interest others but might be handy to have stored in one easy place.

Take this next tidbit. I stopped in at Bits 'n Pieces in Wayne, MI today - lovely shop with a friendly staff and a very loyal clientele. I had came back to buy a Sewline fabric glue pen. Last time I was there they had recommended this (dries clear) water soluble pen for a project I am working on (re: the egg with the missing pieces from several posts ago!)

This group of ladies were all excited for another reason. A customer had shared with them the secret of perfect points. Instead of using pins, which can shift, she uses this glue to hold her fabric in place for perfect points. Well, how cool is that! May need to work on that Lone Star quilt I've always wanted.

This reminds me of an interesting tidbit read in one of my magazines. When piecing a bag or tote, ever have one of those tiny areas where you have to pin AND maneuver your sewing machine? Use that 1/4" fusible tape (like Steam-a-Seam or Stitch Witchery) to hold your pieces together and then sew. Cool, eh?

If your interested in other things you can use adhesives in quilting, check out Teresa of Fabric Therapy and her 3-part tutorial on Glue Stick Appliqué:

Thanks for "sticking with me"! (My SIL Robyn, the Pun Queen, would be so proud of that one)

P.s. This is my first post using my iPhone and my new iPad app Blogsy - pretty cool!

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  1. What great ideas. I'll have to try them.

    Marjie Sikora


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