Sunday, May 22, 2016

Measure Twice Cut Once (TSS 019)

As mentioned previously, I have a family member going through some medical issues just lately. That means less time at the keyboard and even less at the sewing machine. Lucky for me, one of the recent TSS blocks involved embroidery. Very handy to do in a recovery room.

Unlike my peers, I really like this block and was looking forward to making my 6" block. But something bothered me.... something kept eating at me... and then I figured it out. Look at the pattern above and a real measuring tape below. The bottom half is upside down!

But I fixed it! So much better right? 

Here's the technique used to transfer the embroidery: my lightbox and my handy, dandy masking tape!

I should write a book about all the fabulous stuff I've done with masking tape in quilting.

Unfortunately, I made a rookie error. Both my cream and my green were more of a polished fabric so, as I embroidered, the stitches sat atop the fabric versus nestling in.

To keep my motivation level high, I've added some new fabrics to my sampler stash! Wowwee!


That's a lot of pieces!

I've decided to keep a counter at the bottom of these posts to track them. 
The totals are based on the original patterns and not on deviations.

Measure Twice, Cut Once = 13

Total to Date: 400 pieces*

*The count only includes the blocks I've completed to date


  1. Only you would have looked at that and thought something's off! But you are so right, and it does look better.

    1. There's no way I could've left it as is. I'm debating.. seems like I need more more stitched line to the right of the 9. :)


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