Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Love That Good Timey-Wimey Thing!

I was stunned.

This weekend I SO wanted to buy tickets to the Dr Who 50th Anniversary special, but I just couldn’t justify it with the holidays so close.  And then, at work yesterday, they announced a drawing for 7 tickets for the 3D IMAX showing at the Livonia 20.  I WON!

I was stunned! And SO geeked!  I won 7 tickets but donated 3 back to the company for another person to win.

Unfortunately, Steve was unable to go, but I had a great time with his daughter, Brenna, and his niece, Lindsey.  They are die-hard Whovians, too!

We arrived early and were a little nervous because the ticket agent said SOLD OUT!  But they had the tickets waiting for us at the Guest Services.  There were people EVERYWHERE in costume including one dressed as a DALEK!  Everyone was geeked – Tardises, sonic screwdrivers, loooooonnggggg scarves.

Before the show, they had Dr Who trivia on the screen and afterwards they played a “making of” featurette.  And then the main attraction…. Oh my! I’ve been to 3D before, but this was the first time they did it right!  The effects were amazing – the Gallifrey battle scenes, the writing on the chalk board, the 3D Gallifrey paintings.  I sat there thinking that those at home missed a total experience. 

And let’s not forget the story itself.  David Tennant and Matt Smith are still cuties!  The third doctor was perfect.  The scenery and locations were stunning (like the sand in the dessert).  The constant references to other story lines, the laughing at themselves, the wink-and-nods, the cameos, the pain they shared… and to have the story-line arc into a new direction. 

LOVED the ending with the 13 doctors.  I’m so ready to see where this goes in the next 50 years.  It was a most excellent night.  I wish I had one of those timey-wimey things to re-live it.

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  1. Elisa! How wonderful for you! You can probably see the green glow of jealousy that is lifting up into the sky in Utah all the way in Michigan!

    So delighted to share in your experience--even vicariously!


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