Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Christmas in the Woods

LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! The latest issue of Quiltmaker (Sept/Oct).  It’s their hand embroidery issue.  Beautiful pictures, great tips.  I just don’t understand why the cover isn’t.. well… covered in embroidery!

If I didn’t have a subscription, I would’ve ran out to buy it especially because it has a Gail Pan design in it!  I’m ADDICTED to this Aussie designer!

Too much to do – won’t get it done by Christmas (either this one or the adorable Halloween stitchery or the sweet Home stitchery), but they should make nice projects to stitch during the cold January in Michigan! 

Tip: I’m lucky – I have access to a scanner.  Because I have so many books and magazines, I always scan my “must-do” embroidery projects for easy locating later.

If you’d like to see more tips on embroidery, I’m quite proud of my Embroidery 101 post.  Happy stitching!

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