Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Little Sister! Part 2

Because I had so many pictures, I decided to break this post up into two.  So, after lunch...

From there we had to boogie to get to the Guardian Building on time.  Pure Detroit, a shop in the mezzanine, is sponsoring a series of free tours throughout 2013 in celebration of their 15 years in Detroit.  Lorna and I enjoyed the skyscraper tour, guided by urban planner, Michael Boettcher. 

Guardian Building - Mezzanine

Michigan Mural - poor lighting

Michael escorted a half-dozen of us out to Campus Martius, through the First National Building, into the Compuware Building, through Campus Martius, over to the Ford Building, the Penobscot Building, the Buhl Building, and then along Jefferson Avenue.  We finished our tour back in the Guardian, 2 hours later

Michigan Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in front of Compuware

Water Cascade at Compuware - water raining from above

Look up!

Compuware - external

Part of the tour group - Michael and Lorna in the middle

View of the ice rink in front of Detroit's Christmas tree.  According to Michael, this rink is larger than the one at Rockefeller Center.

Detroit's Christmas tree in front of the Guardian
Tree lighting is tomorrow

Close-up of Guardian Building

Guardian Building - Main Door

Ok, so why so many Indian motifs?  Most of these were built after World War I.  Up until then, the US's architecture style was greatly pilfered from the Europeans.  After the war (and all that killing of the Europeans) and after the discovery of King Tut's tomb, Egyptian and Native American motifs became the rage.  There are very few examples of the Egyptian style left in Detroit but many Native American examples.

Penobscot Building across the street

Inside the Penobscot

The Buhl Building

Relief on the Buhl Building

Michael told a really funny story here.  This statue is across the street from the 'Spirit of Detroit'.  After she was installed on Jefferson Avenue, some pranksters snuck out one night and painted green footsteps leading from Spirit to her!

 Giacomo Manzù's Passo di Danza bronze sculpture

Back to the Guardian

Lorna checking her messages

Happy Birthday girl!

2 of only 6 remaining Tiffany clocks in the world

Tiffany Clock in the Guardian

Last pose before we leave

The 2nd Tiffany clock - seen from lobby

It was the most fascinating tour about Detroit history, architecture and current direction  AND IT WAS FREE!  I'm just bummed that we found out about this at the END OF THE YEAR and missed so many!  But we will try to go back before it's over. They also offer the Guardian Building tour and the Fischer Theater.

Just as we finished our hot chocolates at Rowland's in the Guardian Building, the rain started as we walked back to our car.  From there, we headed home for Lorna's birthday celebrations that night.

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