Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Blues

It's Monday. It's rainy and gray. I have to schedule my tax appointment, my renter's inspection, my annual physical. I'm low on gas and tight on funds. I'm a little blue today.

So I'm posting this picture - taken by my sister - of myself taking a tour of the Guardian Building on my birthday. I'm reminding myself that I'm rich in family, friends, experiences, and memories.

<sigh> I just remembered I'm out of ice cream.


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  1. Ok, I was all ready to cheer you up until you said you were out of ice that is a calamity...I would bring you some but I'm out too! What a great picture, do they let you take pics all throughout? I think I see some quilt designs there.
    Stay safe in the storms tonight, hon! Get outside in the sunshine tomorrow if you can, I'm going to try too!


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