Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

Thanks to my sister, Wikid Kriket, I had the most amazing 42nd birthday! Do you see my tiara?

My sister took me down to "the D" for a day of adventures. We started with a tour of the stunning Guardian (Union Trust) building.

Afterwards, we geocached. Then walked along the Detroit Riverwalk, Milliken State Park, and Corktown. After an AMAZING meal at Slows Bar BQ, we continued to cache, and then rounded out the day with S'Mores cheesecake at the Twisted Rooster in Chesterfield.

How will I remember all this? This blog and my quilt journal. About 18 months ago, I read this fabulous blog post about making a 365 day quilt. After much planning, I started mine today.

I've decided not to stress over my poor handwriting. It just keeps the project true. There are 22 more days per strip:

Throughout the year, I will be adding my whimsical stitchies on special days.

What an amazing day!




  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELISA!!!! Love your tiara, how precious - and what a wonderful day! Slows? Guardian Building? Always wanted to go to both. Good for you!!!!!

  2. It sounds like a fantastic Birthday. It will be interesting to see the quilt as you progress.... of course, you will show us more pictures, right?!


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