Thursday, December 15, 2011

Blue Christmas

I must admit.... I'm a little sad this Christmas.

My best friend is having a quiet Christmas in Maine.  Another confidant is facing life's issues in Pennsylvania.  A third is all the way in Boston. And my work cohort & quilt critic has moved to Utah.  So far away.

I do take comfort in my quilts, though.  My house is too small for a real tree so it's decorated with Christmas quilts & wallhangings.  Many of them in the gallery below came from my friend, Lisa, over the years.  Seeing them.... I can feel her spirit nearby.

These are only a few of my holiday quilts. Every year I have to pick and choose what goes up.  About another dozen in the cedar chest and one more in the works.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Those gifts from friends are extra special. Looks like your place is decorated just wonderfully. It's nice to have the warmth of a quilt this time of year and so nice too that some of those gifts keep your friends close, though they may be far away:)

    Merry Christmas,

  2. All your quilts and wall hangings look so nice hung around the house. I have only just started my collection with some hand made tree decorations. I wish you Happy Christmas even though it may be quiet.

  3. Awww sweetie - I know it's hard when your friends are so far away.

    Your home looks so lovely and festive, I really love the quilts - especially the penguins and the log cabins take my breath away!

  4. Sorry you are sad and missing your friends. At least you have us...your blogging friends ;o)
    Love how you have your house decorates. Really cute items.

  5. Way to may a tough chick cry! I love you and miss you so much.

  6. What lovely Christmas quilts you have. The one with the penguins is too cute, and the one with the houses is just amazing!


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