Sunday, December 18, 2011

Basting Done!

It's times like this I value my blogging buddies!  Basting on TWO projects completed using Allie Oops technique!  Basting all these years was such a labor and yet I could never get the back smooth -voila!  I have the advantage of having a full-size table to use - it's the open pins that make all the difference.  Thanks, Allie!

Now, off to do a little quilting..... a little wrapping....

Hope to share some finished projects shortly!
Stop by on Wednesday - will share some pics from the Wayne Holiday Lights display.



  1. Woohooo!!! I tell ya, by the time I'm done basting, I'm ready to put the binding on,'s SUCH a big job. Enjoy the lights!!!

  2. Well now, what is Allie's basting technique? I must have missed that one. Basting is not my favorite thing to do in quilting .


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