Wednesday, December 14, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Waymarking Edition

Have you been to The Henry Ford lately?  Went with the family to enjoy Holiday Nights!

Then I had a visit with the Big Guy...

And am enjoying the Michigan winter wonderland....

How're you relieving stress this season?



  1. What? You have some snow down there? I want more snow.

    I have not been to the Henry Ford lately and have been trying to get the whole family's schedules together so that we can all go down and enjoy the lights. I love that place!

    So big question. Have you been a good girl this year? Let's hope the big guy thinks so :D :D

  2. Wait - I don't have any snow - just lots of rain, lol! When did they get snow! I haven't been there in YEARS, and I've never been to the Village. One of these days, when I get a life, lol!


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