Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Mystery About to Begin!

Bonnie Hunter is at it again! She has announced her annual Mystery Quilt on her blog today.

Starting Nov 18th and running for approximately 8 weeks, she will post a new step every Sunday. Today’s post included fabric selection.

Now, if you haven’t seen her stuff, she does AMAZING scrap quilts – great way to use up those little pieces. Her theory is (to paraphrase) “if you think your fabric is too ugly, you haven’t cut it small enough!” She is also the brain behind “leaders and enders” (thanks to her, now I have about 3 scrap quilts “in the works” at all times!)

Even if you don’t have time to participate now, make sure you stop by each week and save the steps. She’s taking it down in May to appear in her next book. I was lucky enough to save all her previous ones including the gorgeous Roll Roll Cotton Boll (which will appear in her newest book released 2012).

Also, stop by her free tips and tutorials tabs – she gives away a ton of free pattern for some fabulous scrappy quilts. I follow her blog and her Facebook adventures – she’s a hoot!

Happy Stitchin’


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  1. I just love her! I look at my hubby's closet full of shirts in a whole new light these days :D


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