Wednesday, January 26, 2011

First Scraps

Ok, new to this world, but I have SO much to share and I hope this will keep me motivated. Forgive me as I take my first wobbly steps.

Recently a friend's mother made me an awesome knit hat - first one in 40 years that doesn't pop off my head! So, I needed to make her a nice thank you gift. Homemade, of course!

It's a mug rug.  If you missed the trend (like me), they are literally mini quilts you can make/give away where you can sit your coffee, tea, or cocoa mugs. There's even a Flickr group out there.

So, I drafted my own design, took to my machine and made 3! (Gotta have one for myself, you know!)

I went with 6"x10". I designed the "mug" pattern from some clip art I came across. Although you don't have to, I used some leftover scraps of Insul-bright heat-resistant batting (used to make mini ironing board covers).

And I bound it using an all-machine binding technique found on That Girl That Quilt blog: That Girl Machine Binding. I liked that technique but need to work on it. Corners were tricky at first.

Sorry if the pic is a little dark. This rug was my first one - I think they got better as I went along. I'm going out tomorrow to buy some pretty little spoons and Tea bags to make up my care packages.

Thanks for listening...

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  1. always lovely to repay a and made gift with is so nice to be able to make some thing special and one off.......


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