Monday, February 22, 2016

Piecing Lots of Love (TSS 003)

I'm really enjoying The Splendid Sampler and have started Block 3 - Lots of Love.

Online, though, I'm hearing quite a bit of concern over the 48 pieces within a 6" block. Taking a look at the pattern, I quickly realized there was a faster, surer way to piece these blocks (1-4" heart and 5-2" hearts) to avoid bulky seams, shifting points, and shrinking sections. Cut the fabric as instructed but follow these steps in this order.

Step 1: Sew two smaller squares to the corners as laid out below. Trim just the excess background fabric before pressing.

Step 2: Press the light background fabrics below. Notice that the light fabric, in this example, was just a bit smaller than the red fabric. That's OK. You will use the red fabric to align your pieces before joining and the light fabric will catch within the seam. 

Step 3: Sew the two red pieces together along the length. Notice how beautifully the point matches.

Step 4: Press open.

Step 5: Sew the remaining two small squares to each corner using the picture as your guide.

Step 6: Trim the excess light background fabric.

Step 7: And press. If you trim, use the red fabric as your guide.

Step 8: Using the method demonstrated with the smaller squares, sew your first large square to the lower corner. Don't forget to trim the excess light background fabric before pressing.

Step 9: Sew your last large square to the remaining corner. Again, remember to trim the excess light background fabric before pressing open.

Here's an image of the back. As you can see from the ruler underneath, the block is a perfect 4 1/2" square. There is no excess fabric sewn into the central seam shifting your points and the two upper and one lower point is exactly 1/4" from the edge.

Repeat the process for the 5 smaller hearts. 

With such small pieces, I'm really finding Mary Ellen's Best Press a fabulous way to finish these blocks.


  1. thank you so much for sharing this!

  2. Thanks, wish I had read this before I made mine!

  3. Im making mine this morning. Will try your technique! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I make mine that way, but I do trim off the excess if the back color is darker and shows through.

  5. awesome, thank you!! doing this now

  6. I haven't done the block yet and will try this method when I do. Thnx for posting!! 👍

  7. What a good idea! I will definitely be using this tip.

  8. Thanks for showing me this. I was concerned about quilting that many layers, as I hand quilt. But I do like this accuracy, so I think I'll try your method.

  9. This is wonderful. Thanks so much for posting the great tutorial.

  10. Ok, I want to do mine over now using this technique! :-)

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this BEFORE I started block 3. I used your technique and it worked a treat. Thrilled with the outcome and I even did some fussy cutting. So many firsts this early on, what next I wonder?

  12. Super helpful!!! I'm almost finished with #2 and this might help me catch up! Thank you for sharing!!!


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