Friday, September 25, 2015

The Generosity of Quilters: A Friend's Gift

I realized I forgot to share another generosity with you.

Life right now is a little stressful - nothing I will bore you with.  But I find that when I'm feeling stressed or threatened or anxious, I gravitate back to my quilt room.  Today I spent a good hour cleaning it out, and I'm stitching down another binding.  I keep running my hand over the antique quilt tops, dreaming.

This week I was surprised by a flat, square package from Utah!  My dear friend, Lauri, sent me a care package!

Aren't they beautiful?  Two quilt calendars (one for the quilt room and one for my desk) and two quilt books. The Season's Greetings make my fingers tingle! I'm itching for some holiday stitching!  And this is my kind, too!  Scrappy, country Christmas.  As for A Bit of Applique? Applique is not my first love, but these patterns transform into embroidery quite wonderfully!

Thank you, Lauri!  Your package really brought me out of my mood!


  1. If I'd known you were in a mood I'd've sent them sooner! Nothing like an expected package. I certainly understand gravitating to the quilt room. I did a similar thing today--spent the day in my shop trying to stuff put away.


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