Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Barn Quilts in Traverse City!

Up in Traverse City with my sister, Lorna, this weekend, we had a wonderful surprise.  Driving up the Old Mission Peninsula, we saw many barns with large quilt blocks painted on the side.  Many of the barns were on the properties of the celebrated wineries that dot the island.  We even saw some painted on the side of private homes. Unfortunately, we couldn’t stop to grab pictures as the road is quite busy and curvy with no pull-offs.  If you get a chance to go to Traverse City, it’s a must stop!

I did find some wonderful pictures here:

My sister and I were up enjoying the early change of colors in Northern Michigan, geocaching, photographing, and eating.  All the joys of life!  Although Traverse City has quite a few really nice quilt shops, we didn’t stop as we only had about 24 hours total to enjoy TC (and my sister isn’t a quilter).

I thought I’d enjoy some pictures of our trip.

1 - Lorna and Elisa

2 - Old Mission Lighthouse

3- Rock Art on the Sand Bar

4- View from Sand jutty back towards lighthouse

5- Traverse Bay

6- Pure Michigan baby!

7- also the 45th Parallel

8- Lorna at the Old Mission General Store

9- Can you spot the geocache?

10- View from our motel

11- View from our motel

12- Cherry Republic, Glen Arbor

13- Beautiful Rain

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!


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