Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tool Tip: Velcro & Power Cords

Here's a cool tip that will work at home (sewing machine cords, irons, CD players) or at work (phone chargers).  I did this at work and was surprised how many compliments I received.

This is my iPhone charger at work.  I like to keep it at the ready because I need to charge my iPhone in the afternoons.  However, the outlets are under my desk so the cord kept slipping down and pooling on the floor.

So I added adhesive-backed velcro to the desk's edge. I cut off a section, peeled off the backing on one side, adhered it to the edge, and then clamped my cord in between.  It's discreet and allows me to extract as much cord as I need or completely remove the cord if I need to take it with me.

I have this at home, too.  I have a portable CD player that I like to take from my quilt room and use outside when we grill.  When I return it to it's normal space, I just plug the power cord back in.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. up here in Maine we just use duct tape!

  2. Fantastic idea....will be putting that into practice today.

  3. Now who's got the smarticles?

  4. Great idea. I have cords like that and have used duck tape, but I think this velcro would be better.


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