Friday, December 7, 2012

Tool Time: That's Using My Head!

I love tools. I love using everyday items to improve my life, and I'm always giddy when I wander the aisles of a hardware store. The other day I was working on the binding of a quilt (sewing black on black) but was having a hard time seeing where to stitch.

I have plenty of light, but it hurts my eyes having to turn everything on to see my work. I have a table and a floor Ott lamp - but I do have to contort a little to avoid shadows and get direct light. Then, I had an epiphany! Some of you may recall that I'm a geocacher...

The other day I bought new headlamps! It was an impulse buy at Home Depot. I bought a set of 2 headlamps (each with an adjustable tilt, 4 settings, and batteries) for $10 total!

And, also on impulse, while working on that same binding, I put it on, and it worked like a dream!

I wish I had a better picture, but I took it late last night. One word of advice, though.. Don't wear it in front of the front picture window... Passerbys might give you a weird look!

Happy caching! .... Er.... Stitching!


  1. Elisa, you did it again. What a great idea.. and not just for bindings! I predict yet another trip to Home Depot is in my future. My local HD has the Lauri Taylor memorial aisle since I have spent so much money there.

  2. Hey! What are you binding? Which quilt? And when do we get to see a picture? And look at that absolutely perfect corner. You must be protected by the Saint of Perfection. Or if there isn't one, you might be her. Saint Elisa of the Perfect Seams. or Sew it might seem.


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