Monday, October 8, 2012

Sew with a Relaxed Bottom

As I've mentioned in the past, I'm working on another memory quilt for a coworker. It's been rough - I've been dragging my feet - because it's sad work going through someone's final belongings. She made so many of her own clothes and there are still straight pins and unfinished seams.

It's been sad.... Until this evening.... Pulled this out of the bottom of a bag...

Sew with a relaxed bottom???

Is this the funniest knit top or what? It caused a good chuckle. I just don't understand it!

Happy stitching!




  1. ROFL - I've always heard it's "sew with a baggy bottom"....that's too funny! It means if you have one fabric that's a little looser, you put it on the bottom, as the feed dogs feed the fabric on the bottom through faster than the top. I've been able to match seams that were difficult by doing that!

  2. How sweet of you, Elisa, to do this. I got a chuckle from that fabric. Thanks Allie for telling me what it means!

  3. Well I was thinking all sorts of things until I read Allies explanation. But would you wear it???

  4. And here I was thinking it meant to not clench your cheeks while sitting at the sewing machine. um, what? A tight butt isn't a good thing? ;-}

    thanks Allie! had not heard this before. Lauri

    PS. I still think that is the oddest thing I have seen printed on fabric. oh wait, I was at the airport yesterday and a man was wearing a tshirt--the back of which said, If you are reading this, you should know I just farted.

  5. PPS: That fabric has gotta go in the quilt. It surely speaks to this woman's sense of humor.


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