Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whole Lotta Stitching Going On

Chooky (from my Some Kind of Wonderful stitch-along) has cracked the whip for our upcoming deadline. Although I will not make it (it's been a complicated summer), I am in full stitch mode. If I really push things I may get the top done by deadline, but I've decided I want this one "done right" and not "done quick". I just hope I don't get booted in the next round.

Now that I'm able to focus on my SAL, I've been working on all my blocks simultaneously - LOL. All my blocks are in different stages of undress.... er.. completion! Many are complete (I've shared those already). Some are appliquéd and half stitched. Some are appliquéd and marked for stitching. Some are cut out. Some just have their selected fabrics next to the pattern

Can't wait to share!

Happy stitching,




  1. We can only do what we can. At least you have a variety of things going on.

  2. I would be very happy if you got the quilt top done by the end of October.........go for it............I have plastic sleeves for all the blocks with bits shoved in for things.......


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