Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Memory Quilt

It's been a tough week here - a very dear man, one of the sweetest souls I've ever met, has passed. The family has spent several days traveling for hours for the viewing and the funeral. This man, a "people person" like my late Mother, always had a twinkle in his eye (not kidding) and always genuinely wanted to know how you were. He would sit riveted until you answered, and he would listen. He laughed; he hugged; and he loved his family.

I think that's why working on the latest memory quilt has been so tough on me. A coworker has brought me several bags of clothes. His mother-in-law passed several years ago, and he wants a quilt to give his wife for Christmas.

The toughest part of these projects is normally deciding which pattern features the fabric to the best effect. Not this time....

I pulled out a sweater and there's a safety pin attached with red, white and blue beads.

She made many of her own clothes. I can see her stitching and tucks to make the skirts fit. I also see fabrics I used in my own quilts from when I first started out,

There's the sweatshirt with the fabric painted handprints of her grandchildren.

There's a nightgown with straight pins still pinned to the bodice. Have you done that? While stitching late at night you pull out a straight pin from the project at hand and pin it to your nightclothes so you don't lose it later? I do that all the time.

She loved Disney characters. I've found shirts with embroidered Mickeys, Eyore, Pooh, and more.

The one thing that gives me peace is knowing that my coworker's wife will have a tangible reminder of her late mother. Mine passed decades ago and I mostly have pictures... And my sister, who takes after her.

Hug your loved ones today.


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend, sweetie. What a lovely thing you're doing, making that quilt. I wish I still had clothing from my grandmum, and my dad's shirts, quilts are such a wonderful way to hang onto memories.


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