Saturday, June 16, 2012

Online Shopping Surprise

I heard something really disturbing yesterday... I was in a quilt shop, and the clerk was a little jumpy over my smart phone.

"I'm not photographing. I'm checking my pattern for yardage."

That wasn't her concern. Apparently they've had a proliferation of "shoppers" who come in the shop, make their choices, and then buy their fabric from... AMAZON!

Did you know that Amazon now carries quilt shop fabric? I checked! I found Moda by the yard.

My heart hurts. I admit - I've shopped online quilt shops, if I can't find my fabric in a local shop first. But Amazon... it takes me back to MY Border's days when shoppers walked around with their smart phones scanning bar codes on books...

Yes, their prices may be a little cheaper because they only have to maintain a warehouse and not a physical outlet... But I can't stand to see any more doors close.

This is not a rant against the retail giant - just sadness for the possible future of our fabric emporiums.



  1. I find it hard to believe that Moda would sell to Amazon, when it is quilt shops that are their bread and butter. We need to revolt on this one!

  2. I agree with ytsmom. This is awful. I don't understand these quilters. Don't they realize they are cutting off their nose to spite their face when they do that! I love my quilt shop and do everything I can to help it stay in business. And even if it is a bit cheaper to by on line, don't they have shipping charges to be concerned about?

  3. I've heard of retailers who don't allow cell phones in their stores. We saw an article that Best Buy has become a showroom for Amazon, against their wishes. People come in and 'test drive' items at Best Buy, take pictures, and then order it from Amazon.
    It's so sad. I hate that so many small shops have buckled under to the big box stores... and now even the big box stores are threatened by online shops.


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