Monday, June 11, 2012

Lake Erie Metropark - Rockwood, MI

Not much excitement in my quilting world - just finishing up some projects.

I did have an amazing time geocaching & picnicking at Lake Erie Metropark with my family (Team Free Range Lobsters: scrapcat, wikid kriket, 3inaTree, PopLob, and Hockeyman40).

Wanna see some pictures?

If you look close, you will see a freighter out on Lake Erie.

Enjoyed a walk through their marshlands

Counting frogs, turtles, dragonflies, & ducks

Sun is setting

They're just kidding, Jon!

Walking through the Phragmites
A reward for walking the Nature Trails in 95 degree weather! 

As seen from a hidden trail!  Only those that know.... know.

Even more stunning in person!

Team Free Range Lobsters:
scrapcat, wikid kriket, Papa Tree, LilRob, Hockeyman40 & Mama Tree
Poplob & Lil Tree were smart - they were back in the shade!
Weather is supposed to cool off this week!  Hopefully I'll have some quilting to share!

Happy Summer!


  1. Elisa, you sure can pick the most beautiful spots. You make me realize how many places I never got around to while I was there. sniff.

    1. Sounds like time for you to schedule a trip back! We'll go for a ride!

  2. Lovely pictures you have taken from your trip to Lake Erie

  3. Beautiful, beautiful place - you just find the best places to go. Boy am I impressed you braved the heat for that!

    Last night I couldn't cool off at all, and tonight I'm wearing a hoodie, lol.


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