Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small Finish - Easter

Last night I spent my 15 minutes of quilting time cleaning up my Quilt Room. I realized I had too many pieces of 'almost completed' projects floating around so I'm going to try to finish off some smaller ones.

Here's my Easter Egg for Nancy Halvorsen's 2011 Count On It book. It was supposed to be the April block, but Easter sometimes occurs in March so I changed it.

This quilt will fit in that 12" square free-standing Ackfeld wire frame.

It's not often I "birth" a quilt rather than bind it, but this was a kit from a local shop and the fabric was cut pretty exact. One trick I have learned over the years: When I have it layered, I don't sew 3 sides, flip it out, and then hand sew the 4th. That 4th side always looks wonky to me. Instead, I sew all 4 sides, make a slit in the center of the backing, flip it out, and then ladder stitch the cut close. The sight of the slit is where I add my label (on this little fellow, I fused one on over the slit).

I think I finished this one first because I'm ready to take my Winter wallhangings down and see a little Spring!




  1. Love your Easter hanging! Thanks for the tip on how to finish it off! :0)

  2. Darling quilt! I like your method of birthing, much nicer than trying to make the one side look machine sewn. Good job!

  3. Your quilt looks so refreshing - perfect for spring.
    I love the idea of the slit. How smart!

  4. Cute egg! Spring is just around the corner.


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