Sunday, September 4, 2011

Then The Storm Came...

Blogging from my iPhone. Storm came raging through last night causing major damage to Ferndale. Trees through houses, cars severely damaged, boats tipped over on their trailer. Looked out last night to see TWO transformers engulfed in flames! Luckily, except for a few scratches on my car and lots of debris, I made out okay. Unluckily, power is supposed to be out until Tuesday-ish. Great way to spend a long weekend! Luckily I have great neighbors - neighbor next door has run an extension cord from his generator to my refrigerator.

Looks like I will be stitching by candlelight!

Have a safe Labor Day weekend!


  1. Wow. Sorry you had such a huge storm. It missed us up here in Linden. I think we got maybe a few sprinkles.

    Stitching by candlelight puts things in perspective, doesn't it? You'll be like the pioneers of old :)

    Sure hope you get your power back on soon.

  2. Eek - I hope you get it back before then, girl! I heard it ripped through Royal Oak [Arts Beats & Eats] but they didn't mention Ferndale. So glad you're ok!


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