Wednesday, September 14, 2011

And Then There Were None...

... I couldn't help the Agatha Christie reference.  Sad day.  Last night my Borders Books & Music (store #180 - Birmingham, MI) locked its doors for the final time. 

Instead of dwelling on the sadness, I've decided to share some of the happier times so you can understand why I'll miss it so dearly. 

Click to enlarge.  As usual, Blogger is having issues with so many pictures but life is too short for me to fight with this application tonight..

Me with Brad Meltzer - he remembered me!
Gabe at Chelsea Handler Event

Gabe and Susan

Whitney is shelving in magazines!

Nicholas - the Thinker.

Annie having fun!

Mitt Romney

Barenaked Ladies with Flat Stanley

Bobby Flay

Lewis Black

Martha Stewart

Radio City Rockettes

Melissa and Kristen

Janet Evanovich

The Grinch

Curtis Granderson

Chelsea Handler


Jenn Lancaster

Another chapter closed.



  1. That is truly sad. But you had a tremendous opportunity to meet all of those personalities. And look at all the awesome memories you have and all the new friends you made. You just dont get that through Amazon. Thank you for sharing. <3

  2. So sorry. I'm sure this is a sad time for you. Try to concentrate on all the wonderful celebrities you met and how jealous I am of you. Imagine...Janet Evanovich, Martha S. Brad M. Wow! What wonderful memories you must have.


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