Sunday, February 4, 2018

Embroidery Cat

Is it me?

Steve's daughter has moved into her own place, which she's renting with friends. She has decided to decorate her place with objects d' art that represent her loved ones. From her father, she has a collage of selfies, each trying to "out funny face" the other! They are a hoot and spend WAY too long at it!

From me she wanted a mini-quilt. If it's me, it would have to be embroidered. 

I thought a fat cat ready for adventure would be fitting

Do you see my gray fur?  I didn't design the pattern - it's from Anni Downs's Simply Pleasures book. And, typical of me, I had to over-complicate it - there are 8 unique stitches in this 4" square.

The toughest part was how to finish it. I didn't want to do a fake binding but binding it traditionally had its own challenges. To prevent slippage (since I'm not quilting it), I drew a line 1/8" smaller than it's final size and stitched all three layers together. 

Trimmed up, I can new sew the binding on - it's 1/4" seam will cover the stay stitching.

I'm using Sewn Into the Fabric's bias binding technique -- easily create a small strip of bias binding from a 10" square. This is the same technique I used with my Dad's stocking last year.

Quirky, joyous, and done! I hope Brenna likes it!

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