Sunday, July 10, 2016

Pencils (TSS 042)

No, Laurie. Still no hexies. Each one of those flowers takes me an hour to piece. Slow going...

So I took a little break today and worked on my pencils. There are others that pooh-pooh'd it, but, as I'm a geocacher as well as a quilter, they do place an important role in my life. This was fun. I was a little concerned about the pink, but, once sashing is added, I don't think it will be as overwhelming. The brown "wood" fabric reminds me of pencil shavings.


That's a lot of pieces!

I've decided to keep a counter at the bottom of these posts to track them. 
The totals are based on the original patterns and not on deviations.

Pencils = 27

Total to Date: 535 pieces*

*The count only includes the blocks I've completed to date

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