Monday, April 4, 2016

Family Affair (TSS 015)

UNCLE! Me and my seam ripper give up! This is the latest block in The Splended Sampler quilt along. 

The fifteenth block in the series - this was the first to use paper piecing. Now, I love paper
piecing; there's a lot of fabulously intricate things you can do with it. However, this one had a slight twist. The dotted X in the middle? It involves fabric strips connecting two paper pieced sections. There are alot of quilters having difficulties with this, but, done right, there are some spectacular blocks!

I had problems with the first time I tried to connect two of my sections to the strip. It came out 1/8" short in each direction. With a pattern like this, it adds up. I realized when I sewed the strip, I had fed the fabric on top of the paper pieced section; when I pinned it to the bottom (image below), they came out perfectly at 3 1/2". 

Sewing four sections together equaled a pretty 6 1/2" square. I'm really loving the greens and blues in these blocks. Now time to add in a dash of red to keep it interesting.


That's a lot of pieces!

I've decided to keep a counter at the bottom of these posts to track them. 
The totals are based on the original patterns and not on deviations.

Family Affair = 36

Total to Date: 279 pieces*

*The count only includes the blocks I've completed to date


  1. Looks great, I've not plucked up the courage yet!!

  2. This is a good one! I haven't ever paper pieced. This is intriguing though.


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