Monday, November 17, 2014

TIP: Threading the Sewing Machine Needle

Sometimes it's the littlest things... old trick but worth repeating.

SCENE: This weekend, late at night, when my eyes were tired but my spirit was high.

I was quilting a gift when I needed to change spools.  Well.... late at night, tired eyes, black thread in front of a black walking foot.... frustrating, right?

I glanced over and saw the white scrap of fabric.  It covered the black part of the walking foot, reflected the sewing machine light up, and made the needle eye more apparent.  Threaded it in the first try!

Sometimes if just feels like you've won the Super Bowl, and, yes, I did a victory dance!  Sometimes it's the smallest things.... 

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  1. I know you have been enjoying geocaching lately, but it is really nice to have you back posting your great tips. The tip about marking the binding was a good one too.
    Thanks, Lauri


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