Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spending the Day at the Zoo....

I spent all day yesterday down on Belle Isle in the annual clean-up.  In celebration of hauling out 2 full bags of trash and two full buckets of glass, I went to the zoo today.  Would you like to tag along?

Detroit Zoological Gardens - est. 1928

Spent all day today walking around the gorgeous Detroit Zoological Gardens with my sister, Lorna.  Lorna is a docent at the zoo and can give quite the tour!

New Reticulated Python - 32 feet long

New python exhibit.  See him on the right?
She does this an awful lot.  Harumph!

Look how huge those paws are!

New lion exhibit

Grainy due to telephoto lens but still SO handsome!
Look at the little belly!

"WHERE are the giraffes?"

3 new arrivals were out and showing off!

I'm not kidding.  Kid complained because
he didn't see a single prairie dog!

Didn't realize the reflection off the glass but
they're still too darn cute not to share!

They're all looking the wrong way!

Can you believe he's napping?
I'd fall out of this tree in an instant!

So, isn't it time you visited it?

Happy Sunday!


  1. Lovely pictures!
    I spent a day at the Detroit Zoo with my friend several years ago. It began snowing. Since I lived in SC, the snow was a novel treat. I enjoyed the butterfly house - it was so strange to be in the tropics in the middle of a snowstorm!

    1. I love the zoo. I live about a half mile from there and am there all the time. Always something different to see!


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