Monday, February 19, 2018

We All Grow Better with Love

Another finish for 2018!

Aw. I decided it was a good time to make a little something for me. This has been a lot of fun to work on while watching Pixar's UP and The Incredibles with Steve.  I'm embarrassed to admit that I can't find the original book to credit the designer, but that really cute hanger was found in the knitting department at Hobby Lobby for just a few dollars.

Monday, February 12, 2018

I Stitch Club: January

Woo Hoo! I love them!

I joined Gail Pan's I Stitch Club in January. Starting a few days late, I completed these three beauties right before the next ones are due to come out. 

Each month Gail releases three patterns plus a bonus project, and I've decided to do mine in a variegated gray and yellow floss.

What's with the border ink? These blocks are either supposed to be appliqued in the shape of a tag on a dark background or the border embroidered with added sashing. I'm holding off until we get further along the project.

Stay tuned! Next patters released tomorrow or Wednesday.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Embroidery Cat

Is it me?

Steve's daughter has moved into her own place, which she's renting with friends. She has decided to decorate her place with objects d' art that represent her loved ones. From her father, she has a collage of selfies, each trying to "out funny face" the other! They are a hoot and spend WAY too long at it!

From me she wanted a mini-quilt. If it's me, it would have to be embroidered. 

I thought a fat cat ready for adventure would be fitting

Do you see my gray fur?  I didn't design the pattern - it's from Anni Downs's Simply Pleasures book. And, typical of me, I had to over-complicate it - there are 8 unique stitches in this 4" square.

The toughest part was how to finish it. I didn't want to do a fake binding but binding it traditionally had its own challenges. To prevent slippage (since I'm not quilting it), I drew a line 1/8" smaller than it's final size and stitched all three layers together. 

Trimmed up, I can new sew the binding on - it's 1/4" seam will cover the stay stitching.

I'm using Sewn Into the Fabric's bias binding technique -- easily create a small strip of bias binding from a 10" square. This is the same technique I used with my Dad's stocking last year.

Quirky, joyous, and done! I hope Brenna likes it!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

First Finish of 2018

Tomte (n): In Swedish folklore, a sprite usually attributed to mischief.

I now have my very own tomte.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cameo Quilters Guild Quilt Show

While in Bad Axe over Memorial Weekend, the quilt shop owner reminded us the Cameo Quilter's show was this upcoming weekend, so we decided to check it out!

Steve, Lorna and Elisa
Lorna's Favorite Quilt
It's a lovely but small show in Madison Heights which featured quite a few mystery quilts, quilt challenges and lots of scrappy quilts. I could've happily taken either one of these home.

This one is Steve's favorite - an embroidered Route 66 quilt by Kathy Debein.

Speaking of amazing embroidery.... Sherry Palmer

My favorite, by far, was Terry Thompson's completed Splendid Sampler! WOW! I'm only a third of the way done, but this made me pull out the patterns. Hers includes the original 100 plus the bonus blocks. She did an amazing job - I checked some of hardest, and they were to perfection!

Terry Thompson's The Splendid Sampler
Of course, one of the boons is the Vendor area. We saw this beauty at the Fabric Affair (Troy) booth and picked up the last two kits (that's way you have to arrive early!). 

Iron Carry Tote plus Ironing Mat Combo
I believe Lorna may be motivated to work on this project after she went back and bought a new Bernina Embroidery machine from them! Great show!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Retreating in Galena

May found myself and Lorna cruising to Galena, Illinois for a sisters' quilt getaway with our sister-in-law Nancy in....

Lorna, Elisa, and Nancy

Beautiful Galena, Illinois. Regretfully, the week long rain was not conducive for fabulous pictures of this lovely town, but it did motivate us to stay inside to sew!

Nancy booked a lovely timeshare about 5 miles out of town that had a great room, wonderful lighting, and the most awesome bath tub to relax our aching bones! So relaxing!

Lorna is working on her first quilt!

Lorna and Nancy

Now THAT is a quilt notion!

Can't have a retreat without a gift basket

We spent most of each day alternating between sewing, listening to podcasts, reading a book or two, trying new restaurants, geocaching, sightseeing, and (Lorna and Nancy) enjoying a little of the local wine. 

Galena is known for its funky, fabulous retail establishments housed in (sometimes authentically shabby) historic buildings along Main Street. While the girls tried various wines down the street, my fixation was buying bath bombs to test out the new oversized tub back in our rooms.

Lorna is bath-shopping, too!

Stopped off at the local ice cream parlor
We were also lucky enough to enjoy several fabulous restaurants in town. Be advised during tourist season reservations via Open Table is a must!

Historic DeSoto House - oldest restaurant in Illinois

Lobster Ravioli with squid ink from
Fried Green Tomatoes
We crashed a wedding at Frank O'Douds (yummy Shepherd's Pie and Paddy Melt!). Our waiter was a hoot, too!

We ran into the couple later during their photo
shoot at Grant's Hosue!

Although we each brought smaller projects, too, our main goal was to work on memory quilts. It was a novelty working on one remembering someone still alive! When my Dad had his stroke last year, we moved him into a senior residence and cleaned out his old house of 27 bags of used clothing! 

My first blocks

Nancy did a lovely job with her portion of Dad's stack. I may need to make another using shirtings to compliment his plaids.

Nancy's completed top

Another scrap project by Nancy

This one tickles me the most! I started this quilt at a retreat in New Hampshire. I worked on it in Maine and Michigan and finished it over the weekend in Illinois. As someone reminded me, you can get a lot done just working 15 minutes a day. This one took 17 years to complete!

17 years later... done!

It wasn't until the end of the trip that we made our way to the Grant House -- just south of Grant Park along the Galena River.

Ulysses S. Grant House
Grant Park

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. Can you believe this all fit in Lorna's car?

WOW! We brought a lot of crap!

We capped off our weekend at Otto's Place before hitting the road. I definitely recommend the homemade Cinnamon Rolls and Corned Beef Hash!

Ending our adventure at Otto's Place
Last stop at the Scenic Overlook before heading out

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Quilt Shop: Phat Quarters in Galena, IL

Lorna, Nancy and I were in Galena, Illinois for a fabulous quilt retreat -- I'll post details later.

While there, we visited the one and only quilt shop within many, many miles: Phat 1/4's on Main Street.

Admittedly, the shop was not to our tastes. It was laid out a little odd and didn't have a great amount of stock. However, it was attached to a local art gallery next door in a former bank!

The bank vaults were really cool, and we were able to walk in there to check them out.

Unfortunately, we left very little money in the bank or the quilt shop. The shop owner was very pleasant, but maybe they hadn't received their summer stock yet? We'll have to go back and find out one day.